Can't Afford Dental Coverage? We CAN HELP - (Cleveland)

Posted on: 12/25/17


Save up to 80% off Dental Procedures. Includes Free Vision, Rx, and Chiropractic! ONLY $19.95 a month for the ENTIRE Household, related or not! With over 400,000 Providers. This is the #1 Dental Plan in America. Covers Cosmetic, Orthodontics, and Specialists. Individual Plan is ONLY $14.95/mo with FREE Vision, Chiro, and Rx!! *Use the Plan the Same Day!! *No Waiting *No Deductible *No Age Limit *Instant Savings *No Co-Pay *No Limit on Visits *No CAP *100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! To Get Started TODAY or to speak with a Representative, contact us Your phone number (520)585-7649

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